SimplyChat for BuddyPress (Social Networking)


SimplyChat is an instant messaging plugin that allows you to create groups and send personal messages, developed especially for BuddyPress. Accounts, Groups, Friends and Profile Photos are automatically synchronized with BuddyPress so that, when you create a group on BuddyPress, you can start messaging with the members of the group. Also you will be able to chat with your BuddyPress friends and create public or private group chats. The plugin is written in PHP, JQuery, Javascript, Socket.IO and designed with CSS. This script uses a WebSocket Connection, which provides the instant messaging, between the client and the server.



Example Users (Username / Password):
test / test
test2 / test
test3 / test
test4 / test
test5 / test


  • Instant Messaging
  • BuddyPress Compatible
  • Friends, Groups and Accounts are synchronized with BuddyPress
  • Word Filter
  • Ban Users from SimplyChat
  • Notifications with Sound & Desktop Notifications
  • Group Conversations & Personal Messages
  • Public & Private Groups
  • Live Theme Preview
  • Backup & Restore System
  • Online / Offline Status
  • File Sharing System (Photo, Video, File, Audio, Location)
  • Emoticons
  • Translation Ready
  • Responsive Design
  • Mobile Support
  • Easy Configuration with Settings Page

Admin Panel Features

  • Dashboard
  • Edit Users / Groups
  • Ban Users from SimplyChat
  • Word Filter
  • Theme Editor with Live Preview
  • Settings


  • PHP 5.4+
  • MySQL 5.x
  • NodeJS
  • NPM
  • WordPress 3.5.0+
  • BuddyPress Plugin (Friends must be enabled on BuddyPress)
  • A Server with SSH Access
  • If you use NGINX and want to use SimplyChat with SSL, first of all, please check the documentation.


* Version 1.0
- Initial release

Live Visitor Counter (Miscellaneous)

Live Visitor Counter displays a real time counter of active users on the post or page you are currently viewing using live web sockets, this allows for instant results. Try our live preview to see the effects and how fast they happen. This plugin was developed with speed in mind, as developers we know that a simple to use plugin is a must. We look forward to getting your feedback and we will update based on this information.

Live Visitor Counter relies on an external server managed by the developer. These servers are used to calculate the number of users on any page the plugin is being used. In the event of servers going down for maintenance or any other reason the developer is responsible and should contacted. Envato does not handle any issues regarding third party APIs.

Backend Live Preview for Visual Composer (Add-ons)

Say goodbye to the hassle of switching between your preview and the backend Visual Composer editor just to check the changes you’ve made. Backend Live Preview gives you the actual preview of your website right beside the Visual Composer backend editor. The preview updates on your every change and also lets you toggle between desktop, tablet and mobile phone responsive views.

Try out Backend Live Preview for VC in a live environment first before you buy

Backend Live Preview for Visual Composer was created because we always used VC’s backend editor instead of the frontend one. The backend was faster, more robust, and from experience, some shortcodes didn’t render properly in the frontend. However, the problem was that we had to constantly click on the preview button just to see whether our resulting design looked great. The few seconds that it takes to load up the preview and switching from tab to tab eats a lot of your time.

Now with Backend Live Preview, there’s no more need to switch between tabs to view your layout. Switch to VC’s full screen mode and you’ll be presented with a live preview of your page/post, that updates with every change you perform. You’ll also be able to preview your page in desktop, tablet and mobile phone screen sizes. Backend Live Preview will change how you use Visual Composer, and will bring your efficiency through the roof.

Try out Backend Live Preview for VC in a live environment first before you buy

Awesome Features

  • Live preview of your page in VC’s backend editor
  • The preview updates with every change you perform
  • Renders shortcodes even from third-party VC addons without any problems
  • Interact with your preview, it’s a live page after all
  • Integrates directly with VC’s full screen backend mode
  • No additional configuration, it just works out of the box
  • Toggle between desktop, tablet, and phone screen resolutions
  • Compatible with our Undo and Redo VC addon
  • Compatible with our Google Fonts VC addon
  • WordPress coding standards
  • Visual Composer Addon

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Version 1.0

* Initial release