NS Google Sheets Connector Pro (Forms)

Connect UNLIMITED Contact Form 7 forms to Google Sheets!

NS Google Sheets Connector Pro will capture your Contact Form 7 submissions and send each field to a new row in the correct columns (1 per field) to the Google Sheet that you have configured.


  • Capture data in Google Sheets automatically from your Contact Form 7 form submissions
  • Send all fields to your configured Google Sheet
  • Use the full functionality of spreadsheets in Google Docs to analyze your form submission data
  • Automatically captures the date of the data and adds that to the record in the Google Drive spreadsheet
  • Create UNLIMITED connections between CF7 forms and Google Sheets
  • Password is stored encrypted in your WordPress database

Gravity Forms Count Files (Forms)

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Gravity Forms File Upload Count plugin allows you to count the files uploaded and update the specified quantity field.

You can enable the count and specify a target field which holds the quantity. The plugin listens to addition and deletion of files and updates the quantity by itself.

The total field also aligns itself.

Gravity Forms – Pipedrive CRM – Integration (Forms)

Gravity Forms Pipedrive CRM Integration is a Pipedrive CRM integration plugin for WordPress that makes it really simple to send your Gravity Forms forms directly to your Pipedrive CRM account. After the integration, all contacts that fill in the form are automatically added as deal or person & organization to the specified account in Pipedrive CRM, together with additional data.


  • Integrate your `Gravity Forms` forms with Pipedrive CRM.
  • You can choice that your want to generate – deal or person & organization.
  • When creating a deal, a person and an organization are created and connected to it.
  • Fields are loaded from the CRM (including custom fields).
  • You can set up each form personally, specify which information your want to get.
  • Integrate unlimited `Gravity Forms` forms.
  • Image previews.
  • Super easy to set-up!

Important notes:

  • The plugin requires a minimum 5.4 PHP version.
== Changelog ==

= 1.0.0 =
Initial public release