Easy WooCommerce Weight Based Shipping (Shipping)

WooCommerce plugin for calculating shipping cost based on weight of order. Plugin allows specifying unlimited number of min price/max price pairs of order amount for accurate defining of shipping cost. There is possibility of using fixed shipping price or specify percentage of an amount. Simple single settings page that covers 99% needs for this shipping method. You need just 1-2 minutes to understand and make needed settings.

Woo Advanced Product Shipping (Shipping)


  1. Quick and easy installation.
  2. WooCommerce Per Simple Product, Variation Product, Product category and Product Tag wise set Multiple shipping Price..
  3. You can Set shipping country, state and postcode Wise On Site.
  4. Two Type Shipping price You Can Set In The Product shipping.
    1. Item Tax ( This Type For Item Quantity multiply with shipping and added in order ).
    2. Line Tax ( This Type For Item shipping added in order ).
  5. You Can Set Multy Shipping Price In One Product, category and tag.
  6. Category and tag select in which product apply that shipping.
  7. Product, category and tag Wise Shipping Enable / Disable Facility.
  8. You can set per variation product shipping method.
  9. We Provide Full Facility Enable / Disable Setting Option in woocommerce shipping Setting Page.
  10. In Cart and Checkout page Select country, state, and postcode then apply product shipping price in order.
  11. Order per item wise apply multy shipping price
  12. All order item shipping price sum and apply in order.

Demo Product Shipping:

Simple Product Shipping|Variation Product Shipping|All Variation Product Common Shipping|Product Category Shipping|Product Tag Shipping

Shipping add Option

Simple Product Shipping

Variation Product Shipping

Category and Tag Shiiping


Cart page

WC Zip/Pin/Postal Code Validator (Shipping)

This WooCommerce plugin enables order restriction based on specific zip/post codes. You have to enter list of postcode in given area for which the order restriction works. When activated you will restrict selected gateways or billing address, shipping address and both address at checkout step based on specific zip/post codes.

Features :

• Validate pincodes for checkout
• Sell specific products to specific pincodes
• Pincode-based payment gateway
• Pincode-based shipping method
• Pincode-based Cash on Delivery verification
• Built-in CSV importer for bulk importing

Live Demo

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