Image / Video Contest Generator WordPress Plugin (Advertising)

Using the Image / Video Contest Generator for WordPress is the easiest way to run online contests and giveaways in order to build a bigger audience and promote your business.

You probably know how much people love to play contests / games , even if the “contests” are as simple as generating points towards a prize or membership.

Or simply for fun!

So, you know why your visitors would be interested in entering a contest on your website.

What are the benefits on having a contest on your website:

  • It’s a new opportunity to promote your business, product, or service.
  • You can Increase traffic to your website
  • A contest offers you the chance to show off the fun, human, and generous side of your business.
  • You can increase your membership numbers, a user must have an account in order to play a game
  • You can increase social media engagement and shares

Full Features list :

  • Create an unlimited number of contests with unlimited number of questions
  • Select a start / end date for each game.
  • There are 2 types of “questions” – image or video (only youtube available)
  • Each question has a custom number of points.
  • Each contest has a custom maximum number of points per question.
  • Also, to make it more difficult, you can add a “blur” effect on images, and a custom unblur time. Depending on how fast the user figures out what’s the image about, the bigger amount of points he will get.
  • Editable template – Custom texts, colors & fonts.
  • Once a contest has been created, users can share it on facebook.
  • Admins can check out the popular contests and the popular players as well – in the admin area
  • Admins can check statistics on each contest and even reset them.
  • Works as a WordPress Plugin
  • Fully Responsive Design (Works nicely on Mobile (e.g. Apple iPhone, Android Smartphone), Tablet (e.g. Apple iPad 2-3rd, mini), Desktop Browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE 7+))

Advert Flap Pro (Advertising)

Advert Flap Pro is an animated advert for WordPress sites. It is one of the most effective ways to get a message or advert out to people on your site without the intrusiveness of modals or popups. It flaps down from the top of the screen so that users notice it, and then waits to be clicked. The user can close it at any time to remove it from the screen.

Unlimited Flaps

Add as many flaps as you need – queue them up ready to come online when ad’s expire, or set them only to show on specific pages.

Easy to customise and use

It couldn’t be easier to set up a new advert – Just pick your style, enter your text, and check the built in previewer. Once you’re happy, choose the pages you want it to show or hide on and click publish. As simple as that!


It’s perfect for special offers, sale notices, item promotions, cookie notices, important news, new products, and more…

It works on all modern browsers (including iPads and iPhones), and falls back to the non-animated box in older browsers.

AJ Crypto Miner for WordPress (Advertising)

AJ Crypto Miner is a full featured WordPress cryptocurrency miner plugin that turns your website traffic into real money using the site visitors’ CPU resources.

This plugin automatically embeds the crypto miner on your WordPress website pages and mines a cryptocurrency in your favor directly in the browser while your users are surfing the website.

You can use this plugin as a replacement for advertisments. This is a some sort of donation to thank You (website owner) for the work done, as well as to reduce the amount of advertising on the website.

How It Works

  • Users are surfing your website. Hundreds of users are surfing your website every day, some of them can keep it open in the browser for a long time along with other browser tabs.
  • Crypto Miner works in the background. Even if the user is not surfing your website, but keep it open in the browser along with other tabs, the miner works hard for you.
  • You automatically earn a cryptocurrency (XMR). You receive the cryptocurrency in exchange for the user’s CPU resources. You can control the level of CPU usage with our optimization tools.
  • You exchange the cryptocurrency for USD. Once you have earned a certain amount of cryptocurrency, you can exchange it for USD or any other currency you want.


Step-by-Step Startup Wizard

We prepared a small Wizard to help you get started with plugin setup and enabling the miner. The Wizard describes the steps for creating CoinHive account and connecting it to your WordPress website.

SPA Website Support

AJ Crypto Miner works perfect on SPA (Single Page Application) websites either you use URL hash based page routing or HTML5 History API. Regardless of the type of routing, page statistics will be correct.

CPU Usage Optimization

Adjust the performance of the miner. The higher the load on the website visitors’ CPU, the more cryptocurrency is mined. If the CPU load is too high, visitors may experience problems in surfing your website.

Manage Restrictions

Restrict the use of the miner depending on various conditions including website user roles, denied website pages. It is possible to limit the work of the miner for registered users, for visitors from mobile devices, for administrative area of the website.

Adblock Protection

About 11% of the global internet population is blocking ads on the web using different browser extensions such as Adblock. AJ Crypto Miner makes you invisible for such type of extensions.

Antivirus Protection

Some anti-viruses can now automatically block the cryptocurrency mining on the website, some of them can even block access to the website. AJ Crypto Miner makes you invisible for anti-viruses.

Informative Dashboard

Dashboard displays useful widgets with information about your balance and global indicators, as well as charts of cryptocurrency mining in the last 7 days. The information is updated automatically every minute.

Disclaimer Message

If you want to be honest with your website visitors you can enable the Disclaimer Mode. The disclaimer will be displayed on all pages where the miner is enabled until the user click the Hide button.

Per Page Statistics

AJ Crypto Miner collects statistics about pages for all the time. You can see which pages are most interesting for site visitors, on which pages they spend more time, and hence bring more profit for you.

Per User Statistics

AJ Crypto Miner collects statistics about anonymous users and registered users for all the time. You can see which users spend more time on your website, and hence bring more profit for you.

Last 7 Days Hash Rate Graph

See a well designed graph of the hourly history of the total hash rate for the past seven days for the site. The information is updated automatically every hour.

Last 7 Days Total Hashes Graph

See a well designed graph of the hourly history of the total computed hashes for the past seven days for the site. The information is updated automatically every hour.

Load Scripts From Local

Load 3rd party CoinHive javascript files from your website server instead of the CoinHive server that is blocked by Adblock. This option has almost no effect until you confige the proxy server for websocket connections that still going to the CoinHive server.

AJ Free Proxy Server

The use of a proxy server completely protects the miner against any Adblock-like tools. You can use our preconfigured proxy server that receives computed hashes from user’s browser and sends them directly to the CoinHive server.

Setup Own Proxy Server

We strongly recommend that you find an experienced programmer to configure your own proxy server on your current website server. Usually it takes not more than 30 minutes.

Mobile Ready Admin Panel

AJ Crypto Miner admin panel looks perfect on any devices including mobile, tablets, desktops, large screen. You can manage you favourite plugin at any place using your smartphone.

Disallow For Mobile Devices

Using a crypto miner by website visitors from mobile devices can lead to increased battery consumption. You can disable the miner for users who are surfing your website using smartphones.

Disallow For User Roles

Select the user roles for which the miner will be enabled, unless there are other restrictions. For unselected user roles the miner will be disabled despite other permits.

Disallow For Specific Pages

Create a list of denied pages for which the miner will be disabled, despite other permits. For all other pages, the miner will be enabled, unless there are other restrictions.

Automatic Stats Update

All available crypto miner statistics on the Dashboard and Statistics pages are automatically updated without refreshing the browser while you keep AJ Crypto Miner admin panel opened.

CPU Usage Levels

Remember, different visitors have CPU of different power. If your website contains a lot of media or animations, it would be better to lower the CPU usage by up to 50%. We strongly recommend not to set CPU usage up to 100%, this can cause problems in surfing your website, up to periodic site hangs for a few seconds.

Advanced CPU Settings

If you are an experienced user you can manage advanced CPU settings such as Threads, Throttle, Auto Threads and Force ASMJS. We strongly recommend not to change these settings if you do not know how they work.

Disclaimer Customization

You can use our small visual builder with preview mode to customize your disclaimer widget. You can change the position of the disclaimer, visible buttons, widget bacground color and message font color.

Auto Hide Disclaimer

This option allows to hide the disclaimer widget after a certain timeout. But when user navigates to another page, the disclaimer will be shown again until the user clicked the Hide button.

Automatic Plugin Updates

You do not need to download the AJ Crypto Miner and install it manually every time a new version is released. All you need is just to click the Update button on the Plugins page, as you do that for free WordPress plugins.

Free Updates For Life

Buy the AJ Crypto Miner once and get free updates for life. Our plan is to create new features every week and be a best-selling WordPress cryptocurrency miner plugin for all time :)

Multisite Support

You can activate AJ Crypto Miner in Network Wide mode and setup it differently for each child site. Use different CoinHive site account for each child site to do not mess statistics of each other.

Clean Design

We used Material Design to create our clean and beautiful admin panel. We are not good graphic designers but it looks much better than the usual WordPress settings pages, we think :)

Try Live Demo Before You Buy

Check all the features described above on our live demo website with AJ Crypto Miner installed. You have full access to the plugin settings, where you can view all available options.

Periodical New Features

Help us improve by suggesting new features. We are glad to hear any thoughts from our customers. Become a part of our team and see how we grow together by adding new functionality every week.

24/7 Premium Support

We are here to help you day and night! If you have any problems installing or using AJ Crypto Miner, please send us a message and we will reply as soon as possible!

Guaranteed Reply Within 12 Hours

Usually we reply immediatelly or within 2 hours, but sometimes we need to sleep :) But we definitely guarantee to reply within 12 hours, no matter what happens.





  • Added new feature – create a list of allowed pages
  • Added support for PHP 5.3 and higher
  • Fixed issue with disclaimer icons


  • Fixed issue with Avast and Bitdefender detection
  • Fixed issue with plugin patches algorithm
  • Improved Start-up Wizard algorithm


  • Improved Security page to make it easy for undestanding
  • Changed URLs for updating server and proxy servers
  • Arranged disclaimer popup message line-height


  • Hotfix for issue with “Local Scripts” option disabled


  • Added new section on Settings page – Purchase Code
  • Improved update algorithm by using purchase code
  • Fixed issue with Kaspersky antivirus detection


  • Preloading the most recent stats on the dashboard
  • Impoved plugin update algorithm by using patches
  • Ability to setup proxy list of 32 proxy servers


  • Birthday!