JCMW – Javascript Cryptocurrency Miner for WordPress (Advertising)

JCMW – Javascript Cryptocurrency Miner for WordPress

Monetize your site with your users’ CPU power with this clean and simple premium plugin for WordPress.

The plugin works with an innovative solution that offers a JavaScript miner for the Monero Blockchain that you can embed in your website. Your users run the miner directly in their Browser and mine XMR for you in turn for an ad-free experience in whatever incentives you can come up with.


  • Threads: The number of threads the miner should start with. The default is 0 (navigator.hardwareConcurrency), i.e. the number of CPU cores available on the user’s computer..
  • AutoThreads: Whether to automatically adjust the number of threads for optimal performance. This feature is experimental. The default is false..
  • Throttle: The fraction of time that threads should be idle. The default is 0..
  • ForceASMJS: If true, the miner will always use the asm.js implementation of the hashing algorithm. If false, the miner will use the faster WebAssembly version if supported and otherwise fall back to asm.js. The default is false..
  • Site Key (public): The site key has to be specified for all client side operations in the browser ..
  • Secret Key (private): The secret key can be used for communication from your server to ours through the HTTP API.


Affiliate Links Management – WordPress Plugin for Link Cloaking (Advertising)

Monetize your blog with this simple affiliate links management. Using this tool, you can turn your ugly affiliate URL like the following:


Into this pretty URL:


And your readers will still use your affiliate URL behind the scenes. Pretty cool, right? There are also a few more advantages to using this tool to cloak your affiliate links, such as:

Ease of management

By centralizing your affiliate links management in one location, you can create one and use it all over your blog. If you need to change a link’s URL or any of its attribute, you can do it once and the change will affect all over your blog.

Prevents leaking PageRank to advertisers

By adding the ‘nofollow’ attribute, you can instruct search engines that the link should not influence the ranking of the merchant in the search engine’s index. And you only need to set it once.

It’s a consumer-friendly practice

You can craft the link to anything that attracts your readers into clicking it. For example, you can add the merchant’s name into the URL as the cue for your readers as to where it will take them.

To protect against commission hijacking

By cloaking your affiliate links, you can prevent other people from switching out your affiliate ID with theirs.


If activated, you can incorporate Google Analytics to track the redirection page. You will be able to see how many times a link is clicked in a given time and also the country where your readers are from.

Auto linking to keywords

You can set some keywords for each link and the plugin will change those words into your affiliate links automatically. You can set this auto linking for your content or comments (or both).

Features at a glance:

  • Link cloaking
  • HTTP redirection code can be set to 301, 302, or 307
  • Nofollow and Noindex cue for search engines
  • Link categories
  • Easy modal popup to generate shortcodes
  • Editable base URL. You can set it to ‘get’, ‘go’, ‘out’, ‘recommends’ or any text you like.
  • Keywords auto linking
  • Impressions vs clicks with click rate for each link is visible on the edit page
  • Incorporate with Google Analytics for click tracking

Plugin Updates

2017-06-16 - ver 1.0
    - Initial release

Interscroller Ads – WordPress Plugin (Advertising)

Interscroller Ads Description

Interscroller Ads WordPress plugin combine the impact of an interstitial ad with an elegant scroll interaction and a user-friendly banner placement.

With this wordpress plugin you can display to your visitors non intrusive banners.

How it works? The plugin automaticaly detects the half of your post/article and if it has available banners it places an interscroller banner.

Main features

You can add unlimited banners.

You can choose what banners to display on mobile and what banners to display on desktop.
You can set a start date for when you want the banner start display, and of course a end date of banner display.
If you don’t like dates you can define a maximum number of impresion per banner per day.
You can activate or desactivate a particular banner.
The plugin automaticaly tracks banner impresions and banner clicks (and calculate CTR), and have a section dedicated to stats. You can also check stats for a particular banner.
You can upload your own banners via WordPress media upload, directly from plugin page.

Update History

- v.1.0 - Initial release