Elementor Page Builder Addons Bundle (Add-ons)

Elementor Page Builder Addons Bundle
for Elementor Page Builder addons bundle
Bundle value 62$ – Save 38$.
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Grab all the best Elementor Page Builder for WordPress plugins available on CodeCanyon, completely support your WElementor Page Builder Plugin.

Bundle includes:

  1. Elementor Page Builder – Social Stream Grid With Carousel – $16 value, find out more
  2. Elementor Page Builder – Post Grid/List Layout with Carousel – $16 value, find out more
  3. Elementor Page Builder – Instagram Social Stream Grid With Carousel – $16 value, find out more
  4. Elementor Page Builder – Meet the Team Grid with Carousel – $14 value, find out more

Note: Before purchasing this plugin, please make sure that this is Elementor Page Builder for WordPress

Live Chat – Visitors extension (Add-ons)

Screets LC – Visitors Extension

This extension allows you to get more information about your visitors in your chat console automatically. It is simple and very useful extension if you’d like to know your visitors os/browser name/version, browser language, country name and even local-time.

(!) You need Live Chat plugin (Complete or Unlimited) to use install this extension.

We have removed private visitor information from LC (i.e. storing IP addresses) because of privacy policy issues our customers faced before. Now you can purchase this item separately as long as it is OK to collect/store your visitors information.

What you get about your visitors?

  • IP address
  • Country flag and name
  • Browser name, version and language
  • Operation system name and version
  • Local time of visitor. For instance, if the visitor is in Spain, you will know what time it is in Spain right now

Which visitors?

You will collect information of both new visitors and returning visitors. The data will be stored in your Firebase project just like your chat data.


Visitors extension requires with PHP 5.4 or higher and supports PHP 7 and HHVM. It is compatible with the PSR-4 autoloading standard and follows PSR-1 and PSR-2 coding style.

JetParallax – Addon for Elementor Page Builder (Add-ons)

JetParallax Overview

is an addon for Elementor live page builder allowing to apply parallax effect for the section background, apply multi-layered parallax with different behavior triggers, animation types and positioning.


With JetParallax you’ll enjoy the truly easy way of creating multi-layered parallax for the section backgrounds. Each parallax item has its separate settings, which can be tuned up according to one’s needs!



Made for Elementor

JetParallax is an addon for Elementor live page builder, which adds the parallax functionality to the section’s background. It is very flexible, and enables everyone create beautiful parallax effects even without any coding knowledge.

Use Limitless Parallax Layers

Enjoy creating multiple layers of parallax items with different effects, animation properties, behavior triggers and positioning, to create the fully-fledged effect of 3D depth.

Animation Speed

Change the speed of parallax animation to make the objects move faster or slower when the parallax effect is triggered. The flexible animation speed represents the perfect opportunity for making parallax layers move according to Your vision!

Mouse Move & Scroll Behavior Type

Select the type of behavior trigger to use for the certain parallax layer. The effect will become active when the mouse moves around or when one scrolls the section up and down.

Custom Position Settings

You’ll be able to position the objects using the X, Y and Z axis, allowing to move them around and set them exactly where You want them to show up.

Everything for Parallax Backgrounds

JetParallax adds all the necessary functionality to ensure the best experience when creating the multi-layered parallax! You’ll be able to create the parallax with lots of layers and effects, and everything is really simple-to-customize!

Effective 24/7 Support

Competent and effective 24/7 support team will solve any questions concerning JetParallax plugin! We make it easy to use and build creative and unique content for web pages for everyone, from beginners to professional web developers!

Detailed Documentation

All the steps from installing JetParallax plugin to adding parallax effect to the sections are uncovered in the detailed documentation! We’ve ensured that it will be easy for anyone to use JetParallax plugin!