WordPress Real Thumbnail Generator – Bulk Regenerate / Upload folder (Media)

Turn your WordPress media thumbnails to the next level with fast regeneration. Single or bulk regenerate images and create a custom thumbnail upload structure with this unique plugin.

RTG (Real Thumbnail Generator) allows you easily to regenerate all your (existing) thumbnails in your media library. You can regenerate a single or bulk images. Also, it allows you to create a custom upload structure for thumbnails.

The regeneration of thumbnails can up to be 33 % faster than other plugins. Another helpful feature is, that unused image sizes can be detected and deleted, for example if you have switched the WordPress theme. Just install this plugin and it works fine with all your image and media files. It also supports multisite.

The custom upload structure can be easily set in the media settings. Here is a little example how the WP standard upload looks like:
… and after you set a custom upload structure it can look like:

If you buy, you get: Forever FREE updates and high quality and fast support.


  • Single regenerate images in media library table, grid and attachment view mode
  • Bulk regenerate in media library (table and grid mode)
  • Regenerate your whole media library
  • Works with your existing images
  • Custom upload structure for thumbnail pathes and filenames (you can define a pattern with placeholders)
  • Detect unused image sizes (for example after theme switch) and delete them
  • Can be up to 33 % faster than other plugins because RTG uses less requests to regenerate
  • Compatible with Revolution Slider
  • Compatible with touch devices
  • Supports multisite
  • 6 months support Included
  • Forever free updates


Will this have any problem with hundreds of thousands of images and will it resize for all product images in woocommerce? The regeneration process itself works with all of your images and yes, also the woocommerce images in the media library. If you change the schema, it will not automatically apply to the old images, only new images will get the new schema. But on regeneration process you can force the new schema to old files.

What should i do if the plugin does not work correct after version update? Please clear the browser cache by reloading the page (CTRL + R).

Extended license doesn’t cover multiple uses. You need to purchase a regular or an extended license for every site.

Installation and Compatibility

If you buy this item you will become an introduction how to install the plugin.

The Real Thumbnail Generator plugin is compatible with all wordpress themes and plugins. For example: You bought a theme on themeforest like the X Theme, Avada, Bridge, Salient, Be Theme or Enfold? No Problem! It also works great with Visual Composer, Justified Image Grid and Slider Revolution.

We guarantee high quality products and support!


29 November 2016 - Version 1.0.1
- Added the MatthiasWeb promotion dialog

10 November 2016 - Version 1.0
- initial review

Multi Line Chart WordPress – WP MultiLine Charts Plugin (Miscellaneous)

BE Multi Line Chart WordPress plugin is intended to easily create interactive linear / scatter charts for your web projects.
The plugin is written using JavaScript and PHP. BE Multi-Line Chart plugin allows to get required coordinates for drawing charts from the WP Admin Panel. MultiLine Chart plugin also supports the WP shortcode mechanism. The plugin allows to display an unlimited number of data series in the same chart and unlimited number of charts on page. Using such additional parameters as line thickness, line color, text color, font, etc., you can change the appearance of charts. See detailed help here.

Fortune Cookie Consent Policy WordPress Plugin (Miscellaneous)

How to be EU Cookie law compliant?

Fortune Cookie Consent Policy WordPress Plugin is a module that provides information about your website’s cookie usage to website visitors. You can use it to link to your Privacy Policy page or simply to give a one-time warning to your users when they visit your webpage.
Furthermore, Fortune Cookie Consent Policy WordPress Plugin message style, colors, effects, size and position are fully customizable – your possibilities in designing your cookie notice is nearly infinite.
Fortune Cookie Consent Policy uses cookies to store information on client side by using a small cookie file, life time of which is decided by you.
Note that in the near future (2017 probably), the ePrivacy Directive which gave us the cookie law will release a new law regarding cookie usage – named the EU GDPR (with will have much stricter conditions regarding cookie notices and also larger fees for uncompliance).
Do not worry! The plugin is compatible with and will resolve all present and future ‘Cookie law regulation compliance’ related problems, and your website will fully comply to the current and also the future cookie regulations.

These features include:

+Most feature rich ‘Cookie Consent Policy’ Plugin for WordPress on the market!
+Compatible with every current and announced cookie law (EU GDPR), word wide.
+Fully customizable popup message, appearance (including font, colors, background, border, buttons, links, transparency, custom images, and many others).
+You can chose from two animations styles for popup closing: slide up/down or fade out.
+Full modern browser support – Google Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge, Opera, Safari
+Support for adding shortcodes that will block content when user did not accept cookies, or to add a button to add the option to the user to change his mind about his cookie option, or a nice quot from a fortune cookie.
+Fully customizable display modes: top bar, bottom bar, right/left top popup, right/left bottom popup or popup centered on the screen. You can also customize the position and size of the notification, so the positioning possibilities are endless.
+Option to fade the notice background, until the notice is shown – to make it more visible
+Option to block cookies until the user did not accept them (this must be enabled for you to fully comply with current regulations)
+Option to automatically hide popup after a preset delay
+Option to show popup only to users from the EU countries – regulations only apply to them (and not bother the rest of the world)
+Option to disable popup for logged in users
+Option to define the cookie life-time, after which the user will be prompted again with the popup policy popup
+Browser ‘Do Not Track’ detection
+Custom CSS support
+Responsive design, fully mobile compatible
+Option to block all cookies from your website, regardless of user consent
+Translations ready
+Optimized for speed – no speed impact
+Lifetime updates and support.

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