CTS Facebook Comments – WordPress Plugin (Social Networking)

Click To Show Facebook Comments

Sometimes, for some reasons we need to load Facebook comments plugin only by request.
This plugin creates two buttons, at the top and at the bottom of every post, and when they are clicked then Facebook Comments loads on the page. On that buttons is shown the number of comments for the current webpage, even if they are not clicked.

Of course, you can hide the top button or the bottom button, it’s your choice.

You can also check if you want facebook comments to appear on pages or not.

How CTS Facebook Comments work?

  1. Go to plugin option page
  2. Choose if activate/dezactivate top button
  3. Choose if activate/dezactivate bottom button
  4. Chosse if you want comments on pages
  5. Configurate facebook app settings
  6. Configurate the aspect of top button
  7. Configurate the aspect of bottom button
  8. Configurate the title of comments

Votr Pro – Easy WordPress Vote Poll Plugin (WordPress)

VotrPro is a powerful WordPress plugin that lets you create and add voting polls easily on your WordPress website with the votr pro shortcodes. It comes with great features that enable you to have control of what you display to your visitors with easy customization of the look and feel of each poll you create to restricting each vote.

Votr Pro has a simple but powerful results system for every vote created by you, showing the number of votes for each of your questions (no graphs, see screenshots)

Created Unlimited votes

Add created votes with shortcodes to your site.

Add vote results with shortcodes to your site.

Restrict votes by IP or Email


Click here to view demo


FRONT (Sample)


  • No coding required
  • Adopts your themes sysle
  • Responsive
  • Documentation
  • Create Image, Audio and Video voting Polls
  • Create standard drop down voting polls
  • Create voting polls with mulrtiple choice answers
  • Create unlimited voting polls
  • Mailchimp Intergration
  • Restict vote by IP
  • Restrict vote by Email
  • Collect voters name and email
  • Set vote start and end date
  • Automatically closes votes after end date (if set)
  • Show votes with shortcode
  • Show vote results with shortcode
  • Reset Voting Results
  • Customise voting poll look and feel
  • Ajax messaging
  • light box image pop up
  • Add html content before and after voting poll and results
  • More features will be added


  • WordPress 4.8 or higher
  • Optional: Mailchimp API Key and list ID – for automatic import of voters email and name